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frequently asked questions


Q: Can you duplicate my prized vintage guitar?
A: Yes. I replicate existing vintage guitars and parts. If you have a '59 neck that you want duplicated EXACTLY, I can do that. A '61 body you want duplicated exactly? I can do that to using the original. It is time consuming and expensive. That said, Lashing Guitars are far more accurate than "custom shop" reissues from mass producers. I do not adjust repro builds for today's production methods. I adjust my methods to achieve the proper final result. With some time and effort you can have one or many copies of that prized guitar.
Q: Can I buy a decal from you?


Q: Have made made guitars for "insert celebrity here"?
A:  I count celebrities among my customers and you likely have seen my work. Some of my customers have lucrative long term deals with very large entities. Therefore is not in my, or their, best interest to discuss private matters. The majority of my customers are not celebrities - I do not discuss these transactions either. If customers wish to discuss things on their own - I'd like thank them very much for the word of mouth.
Q: Will you make me a custom guitar of my design?
A: That depends. Sometimes people send photos of a vintage classic and I can make it for them without a second mortgage taking place. Others have ideas I avoid like the plague. The last thing I want to do with my days is make a guitar with mini switches, 7 string necks, a Floyd Rose trem coupled with P90's installed in 20 lbs of Bubinga. I do not have the patience or interest for such projects.


Q: How much do your guitars cost?
A: Some want total vintage replicas down to every last tooling mark. To acquire, work with, and tool all this detail is very expensive. Others simply want a classic design that looks, sounds and plays great but not necessarily something a vintage dealer would authenticate. These guitars can be done quite competitively as the obsessive costs are avoided. The short answer is from a few thousand to many thousands of dollars.


Q: Do you do repairs?
A: No. I only work on Lashing guitars. In order to offer top notch support to those who buy my stuff, I simply cannot take on outside repair work with the exception of vintage restorations.


Q: Do you offer restorations?
A: on a case by case basis I do restore old guitars. If it is within my level of expertise I really enjoy these projects. If I feel someone else is better for the job I'll point you in that direction. Each restoration is extremely unique and must be approached as such.
Q: Will you age my _insert Guitar Here_?
A: No. I do not age existing guitars for many reasons. I get asked this all the time. Anyone who tells you they can relic your Mexican Strat is going to make your guitar looks like an unconvincing piece of crap. Like anything in life, the road to success with a good aging is neither quick nor cheap. A good job is planned before paint ever hits wood.
Q: Why do you not offer a phone number on your website?
A: Because I do not want people calling me all day. I have guitars to build. email is the best way to contact me. I can check email at odd times between builds and find it most efficient.
Q: Where can I buy your guitars?
A: From me. I have explored dealers for my standard line. I do not have the time to bother with it for the most part. If you are a dealer interested in carrying parts or my work you can always send me an email.
Q: This site looks old?
A:  It is. I don't update much. I prefer guitar making.
Q: Can I buy Clay Dots, Celluloid, Trem assemblies, etc from you?
A: Clay dots have to be installed in a neck. I do not sell them on their own. Celluloid (Nitrate) guards are available. Parts I create for my guitars generally ... I do sell bodies, necks etc upon request. Once you see and play one of my slab board necks for instance, you'll never consider dropping 20k on a "vintage" piece again.
Q: Do you use Allparts, Warmoth etc?
A: Lashing Guitars are made in house. They start as blocks of wood. Lots of people make parts guitars. Its not really my cup of espresso. I prefer to make my parts and do it all from milling rough lumber to finished instrument.
Q: Are you affiliated with "insert large manufacturer here"?
A:  Lashing Guitars is not making any other products nor affiliated with any mass producers. If there is ever another brand name in the shop its something a customer wants to trade in or a vintage piece that needs work.